"Obedience is the highest law and love is the highest command . . ."

                                 Evangelist Gloria Gainor








     In April of 1999, I saw a vision. It was a vision of sail ships sailing in a large body of water with many, many fish of various sizes mostly small and medium. There were nets connecting from ship to ship. Some of the nets were stretching across the water. These nets were going through out the water pulling out lots of fish. They were mostly medium size. Some ofthe smaller fish got through the net and most of the average fish were caught in the nets with no problem.


  The waters were very bloody and I knew there were some big fish in the waters, I knew the Lord wanted these big fish caught and pulled out, I saw men swimming like fish and struggling in the bloody waters. Now,some different kind of fishermen came to the sides of the boat. Thesefishermen who helped pull on the fishing rods were wearing armor. Theyhad giant fishing rods and begin throwing in the lines. As they threwin the lines and begin to hook the larger fish, and pull them in on theline. I heard the fishermen scream, I’ve Got One Help Me Pull In TheLine!!! Other men would come quickly, they’d all put there hands upon the fishing rod, and started pulling the bigger fish in toward the boat. The nets were filled and the lines were thrown in for the larger fish.

1. The interpretation came into my heart right away and I had instant understanding, the ships were sailing the waters of the Spirit in intercession for souls, the Lord is doing a new thing in the Spirit which will manifest in the natural.

2. The ships sailing with its on crews represented the unity in the ministries.


3. The ships sailing with other ships represented the unity in the body of Christ.


4. The sail boats are churches that are moving out in soul winning.


5. The crews are made up from every person connected with the ministry from intercessors, nursery workers and givers to five fold ministry. .


6. The nets represented various churches and ministries working together to bring souls into the body of Christ. The nets were working together; some nets were extended from ship to ship. These nets were relationships between ministries in the same body of water or same city.



7. Thefishermen were servant intercessors. These fishermen seem to be aspecial force of invisible person’s who get the job done. Minister’swho for the most part have been invisible with special training fromthe wilderness on how to catch wounded fish and care for them.


8. The water represented a fresh move of God.


9. The small fish were new converts, who are slipping out of the nets and must have prayer.


10. Themedium fish are those who have had religion and are now getting into arelationship with the father. Most of the people in the nets are churchfolks coming back to God.


11. The large fish are people who do not come to the comfort of the church pews and are filled with shame and guilt of their sins. The church net isnot big enough to catch them and they are struggling with death. Theirown sinful blood is upon their hands God’s grace and mercy is passingby and declaring they will live and not die.


12. Thescreams for help is the cry of the intercessors for the body of Christto come together to reach the unchurched in this end time hour.


13. We are sailing the waters of the Holy Spirit in intercession for souls and the Lord is giving us a mandate to reach the lost in this hour. A fresh wind of God’s Spirit is blowing to fill the sails of the ships withthis calling who’s nets have been washed of differences, divisions, and deceptions to walk in unity and sail with other ships in like vision. Jesus is on board.

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