Work better with video

VEED is used by marketing, training, sales and product teams globally. It's easy, online, fast and powerful. Record, edit, translate and host videos in a few clicks. Then share instantly with a link. Harness the power of video for your business.

Use Cases


Upgrade your marketing to video. Benefit from VEED's stock templates, translations, GIF generators and easy-to-use editing tools. Create multiple videos and A/B test to get the best engagement.


Create training videos with ease. Share them via a URL or download them. Keep them up to date with simple editing tools anyone can use.


Communicate via video with your colleagues. Let them watch key meetings after the event. Host the video on VEED's library for later reference.


Answer customer questions with a simple how-to video. Capture videos with VEED’s screen and webcam recorder, edit them online and share them via a URL.


Create onboarding videos to welcome new employees to your business or introduce a new service or product. Easily keep them up to date with VEED's editing tools.


Collect video feedback from customers. Store them in the video library for later use. Add timestamped comments to highlight key points.


Easy and powerful online editing

VEED is designed for speed and simplicity. Built for the social media video world, you don't need a film degree, expensive computers and weeks of time. Anyone can create professional videos in under an hour. We take care of the complexity with AI automation, presets and templates to let users create videos in a few clicks.

Translate for a global audience

Get perfect translations using both our automated AI translations and fast manual review tools. The AI creates translations to 95% accuracy that a human can quickly read and correct if necessary. We offer over 100 different languages and dialects.

Add subtitles for accessibility

It's often a legal requirement that digital content is accessible to all - including those that are hard of hearing. VEED lets you add subtitles with a single click. Our speech-to-text technology transcribes your video or podcast audio in a few minutes. You can then edit it online, burn it into your video or download it as an SRT, VTT or TXT file.

Cloud based team collaboration

Move your video production online and reap the benefits of cloud collaboration. Everyone has access to the raw files so you can share the workload and make new cuts from old projects. It also cuts out the need for lengthy file transfers and version control nightmares.

Video storage, hosting and library

Once you're done editing, you can host your videos with VEED. Videos can be shared via a URL, embedded into your website (advert free) or simply downloaded. Your viewers will benefit from built-in transcriptions and translations as well as other powerful playback controls.
Brand Kit

Always on-brand.

Achieve high video production quality and consistency. Share brand logos and images across your team with brand kit. Re-cut existing videos for different use cases. Share video templates, color palette presets, add custom fonts, and more. 


Security, SSO and privacy

Security and data privacy is a key part of what we do. We are regulated by the GDPR as well as the CCPA. Protection of customer data is taken into consideration in our access controls, data storage requirements, infrastructure design as well as the team's work processes. We are also building out controls for our users such as SSO, centralised user management and analytics.
Security FAQs

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Finally, a fast and intuitive video editor your team will love…

Unlike complex editing software, VEED empowers teams to create, share and repurpose videos faster, all in the browser — with zero editing experience.

Free enterprise trial available
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Trusted by teams across 200+ countries to create video content at scale:

Creating videos doesn’t have
to be hard or expensive

Without VEED

Spend thousands on expensive video agencies or freelancers

Overload your team with edits and changes

Waste hours learning ‘too complex’ software

Brand assets and files all over the place

Subtitle, remove pauses, and resize videos manually

Finding royalty-free media is a mission in itself


Anyone can create a professional video in 15 minutes

Use templates to produce branded content at scale

Have all your assets shareable from one place

Auto-subtitle, resize and remove ‘umms’ and ‘arrs’ in a click

Access a library of 30,000+ stock media assets

Share via a custom video player

Scale your video creation. Make more videos, faster

Trim, slice, and resize content. Add auto-titles, translate, and remove background noise. VEEDs intuitive editor lets your team turn ideas into reality in as little as 15 minutes.

Collaborate with your team, all in the browser

Instead of downloading software or waiting for videos to render. You can share files and collaborate with your team in the browser to make tweaks, comments, and suggestions.

Have all your assets onhand, and keep everything on brand

Add your brand, logos, fonts, colors, media, and more. With shared brand assets you can trust anyone to spin up a video whilst keeping everything on brand.

Never start from scratch again with templates

Instead of starting from scratch every time you need a video, with custom templates, you can create a library of pre-approved templates to scale your team's video output.

Sell more by looking better

First impressions go a long way. With VEED's video sharing, you can send professional video messages, add buttons and personalize a dedicated sharing page to ‘wow’ your clients and customers.

You know the videos
you wish you could make?
Chances are they were made with VEED…

Join the 3 million creators making videos like these in VEED.

Marketing videos

Create professional videos and repurpose clips (without the agency budget).

Sales videos

WOW prospects, and break the pattern with engaging mobile-friendly videos.

How-To videos

Training videos don’t have to be boring. Create instructional videos you’re proud of.


Add animated soundwaves, subtitles, and music to promote your podcast.

TikTok-style videos

Add subtitles, effects, and more to create scroll-stopping content.

VEED is compliant, secure,
and enterprise-ready

VEED’s been game-changing for our team…

“We struggled to find a solution that would give a non-technical team the tools to quickly create and edit gifs, videos, audio, graphics and more within a simple user interface and without requiring multiple software and subscriptions. VEED was exactly the tool we needed."

— Maxim Alter

Director of Audience Development & Distribution
NBC News Brand Studio

Want to see if VEED is right
for your team?

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Free enterprise trial available
No pushy sales reps
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Everything you need for your team
to unlock the power of video

Your team gets an intuitive online editor to make engaging videos up to 30X faster.
You get managed workspaces, support, and enterprise-level security.

Trim, cut, and split clips

Remove sections, pauses, and more with a timeline view.

Resize videos for sharing

Create more engagement with content resized for every platform.

Add automatic subtitles

Take out the “umms” automatically, review, and download SRTs.

Royalty-free audio and video

Access 30,000+ stock media assets without leaving the editor.

Remove pauses and background noise

Optimize your video like a pro in a single click.

Translate to 109+ languages

Make videos accessible with automatic translations.

Save time with templates

Look like a pro with templates for any use case.

In-app recorder

Record your screen, webcam, and slides to create content on the fly.

Add brand assets

Add brand assets so the team has everything on hand.

Collaborate with your team

Invite your team to collaborate, comment, and approve.

Animated text videos

Remove sections, pauses, and more with a timeline view.

Trim, cut, and split clips

Remove sections, pauses, and more with a timeline view.

Don’t take our word for it

Here’s what some of our 3 million creators have to say….
“Veed allows for subtitling, editing, effect/text encoding, and many more advanced features that other editors just can't compete with. The free version is wonderful, but the Pro version is beyond perfect.”

— Chris Y.

Content Creator
“I love using VEED as the speech to subtitles transcription is the most accurate I've seen on the market. It has enabled me to edit my videos in just a few minutes and bring my video content to the next level.”

— Laura Haleydt

Content Creator
"VEED saves us valuable time and money. It's allowed my team to add subtitles and repurpose assets for different channels in just a few clicks."

— Adam Harrison

VP of Marketing, Weavr

Want to see if VEED is right
for your team?

Speak with a video expert
Free enterprise trial available
No pushy sales reps
Chat with video experts


How much is VEED?


VEED’s enterprise plans start at $100 USD per month.

And it’s worth it when you consider you’ll be able to create 4x the output with 2x the engagement. All while saving the cost of expensive video agencies.

VEED vs Premiere Pro vs Final Cut Pro


While you might compare VEED to something like Premiere Pro - tools like these are made for film editors with years of experience.  Meaning, the barrier to entry severely limits your team's video output.

On the flip side, VEED’s intuitive interface allows anyone to make a professional video in 15 minutes without expensive hardware.

So if your goal is to scale your video output by turning your team into a video creation machine…  

Like many, you’ll find VEED a no-brainer. And that’s before the collaboration features and everything else you get with a VEED subscription.

Book a chat with a video expert to find out more.

Can VEED really produce pro videos?


Yes. VEED is loved by over 3 million creators across 200 countries. Chances are you’ve watched a video this week made with VEED

Can I create templates that other teams can use?


Yes. Thanks to managed assets, templates, and brand kits. You make sure your team has everything they need to scale video creation whilst keeping everything on brand.

Do you offer volume discounts?


Yes. We offer tiered volume discounts for teams with over 100, 250 and 500 users. Book a chat and let’s discuss what your team is looking for.

System requirements?


You don’t need expensive hardware or extra storage to use VEED. Everything is run in the cloud. 

You can even avoid clogging up your computer with long video renders.  Multiple videos can be rendered simultaneously on our servers. 

We do recommend a modern browser however (eg: Chrome or Edge) to make things faster. 

Supported formats?


We support all major video, audio, image and font formats.

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