Meetings & Communication

Communicate better with video

VEED is the best way to communicate with professionals

Async meetings to get everyone on the same page

Time zone differences? No problem! Do async meetings with VEED in a snap. Record your screen, webcam, audio, and even add slides to get everyone on the same page. You can even transcribe your video. Simply share a link to the recording for them to watch at their convenience.


Keeping an archive of video meetings lets you refer back to sales calls, candidate interviews, product brainstormings, and more. Combine this with a video transcript to get a searchable video archive.

Follow-up with comments

VEED’s video hosting and viewer features commenting with notifications, replies, upvotes, and more. All comments are timestamped so viewers can quickly get the context and watch the key sections.

Break down meetings into bite-sized chunks

VEED’s comprehensive video editor lets you cut down lengthy recordings to share on social media and your internal or other video-sharing platforms.

Translate for a global audience

Trying to reach a global audience? VEED’s auto subtitling feature allows you to quickly add subtitles to make your video accessible to everyone (or just those who like to watch on mute!) and then translate those subtitles into any major language, meaning you can reach all your teams whether they are in New York, Paris, Berlin or Beijing.


Live stream or record your meetings

With VEED’s live streaming software, you can stream your meeting live on multiple platforms. Your live streams are automatically recorded. Or you can use our online screen and webcam recorder to record a video message.

Present, annotate, and more

Upload your slide presentations, annotate your videos, and so much more to ensure that your business communications are always on point.

A Professional Video Editor

VEED provides a full suite of professional video editing tools to help you save time in creating the best quality communication videos.

How it works

Upload, record, or live stream your video

Upload your video or start recording your screen or webcam. You can also go live in one click and stream it to multiple platforms.

Customize, resize, add annotations, and more

Maximize VEED’s full suite of video editing tools to make your video look as professional as possible.

Download and share

Export and download your video in multiple formats. You can also share it directly on different social media platforms.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are examples of video communication?


Some of the most popular video communication platforms include Zoom, Skype, and Google Meets. However, VEED is the best new tool to use because it’s much easier to use and convenient, and you get access to a complete video editor!

What are the benefits of using video conferencing?


Video conferencing or video meetings greatly improve communication in an organization. It saves you time and money and allows for better collaboration.

Should I add subtitles to my meeting and communication videos?


Adding subtitles to your video recordings will make your message clearer and encourage collaborators to watch your video till the end. You can make it more inclusive and accessible to everyone.

How much do I need to pay to use VEED’s software?


Even free users can use VEED to create and edit videos. However, there are limitations to the features you can use, depending on your subscription. Our premium subscriptions let you clean your audio in one click, translate, and add subtitles to longer videos. Learn more about our premium plans on our pricing page.

What makes VEED the best tool for meeting and communication videos?


Apart from letting you record and live stream communication videos for your company, VEED gives you access to a full suite of video editing tools to help make your videos look professional. Our video editor includes features that you don’t often find in other online alternatives. Enhance the quality of your audio in one click, choose from our collection of stock audio and videos, and more.

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