Record better sales videos. Close more deals.

Stop recording generic sales videos. Cut through the noise with fun & mobile-friendly videos that boost response rates and close more deals 🤑

VEED is the secret weapon used by leading sales teams globally…

Record your screen and webcam

Record your screen, slides, and show your face to nurture leads through your sales cycle all in the browser.

Perfect for outreach, follow-ups, proposal walkthroughs, and more.

Make videos that sell for you

Add animated text, auto-subtitles, and remove the ‘umms’ in a click. Create templates so you can make personalized videos at scale.

Why settle for traditional whiteboard videos, when you can make sales videos as engaging as TikTok in VEED.

Share videos everywhere in a click

Share videos over email, LinkedIn, or embed them in your CRM with attention-grabbing GIFs. Add a call to action so people can take the next step.

With 81% of people opening emails on their smartphone — optimize the experience with VEED.

Dial for dollars and scale with analytics

Analytics that show who opened when, how long they watched, click activity, and more. Get notified so you can strike while the iron's hot. 

Everything you need to dial for dollars, speed up sales cycles, and scale what works.


Make mobile-ready videos

VEED features a fast and easy process for you to add subtitles to your videos. It only takes one click for VEED to automatically produce captions for you.

Speed up sales cycles

VEED highlights words that may need reviewing. If required, users can edit them as easily as editing an email.

Close more deals

VEED provides a full suite of professional video editing tools to help your business create amazing content—whether it’s for internal use or marketing purposes.

The video sales tool that pays for itself 

Auto generate subtitles

Let VEED automatically generate subtitles for you. Upload your video or audio. Click the Subtitle button and we’ll generate subtitles for you to review in minutes.

Fast manual reviews

We’ve built the fastest review tools to let you get 100% accuracy. We highlight words where we’re less confident of the transcription. You can adjust these as easily as editing an email.

Animate and style the subtitles

Customize the look of your subtitles by choosing a style, setting your font, and adding animations.

Everything you need to break free from traditional sales videos

Record screen and camera

Record over websites, slides, and social profiles.

Edit videos like TikTok

Stand out from competitors with mobile-friendly video.

Add trackable CTAs

Make it easy to take the next step and see who clicked and when.

Share videos everywhere

Share videos with GIFs. Embed in email, LinkedIn, CRMs, and more.

Granular analytics

See watch time, clicks, and views to dial for dollars.

Subtitle in a click

Boost engagement with subtitles for mobile viewers.

Add your branding

Keep everything professional with custom brand packs.

Remove silence and stutters

Look like a pro and remove silences and ‘umms’ & ‘arrs.’

Add background music

Go crazy with music and more to make it fun.

Rather chat with a sales expert?

If you’re still unsure if VEED is right for your team. Reach out and a sales expert using VEED daily will walk you through it.

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