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Add closed captions to your videos in 100+ languages

VEED is the market leader in video transcription

69% of publicly viewed videos have the sound off

It doesn’t matter how good your video is. If it doesn’t have subtitles, chances are that it won’t reach your audience. 69% of people watching in public spaces and offices mute the audio. 25% of viewers do this even when viewing in private. Subtitles and closed captions are a must have for modern audiences.

Translate and internationalize your videos

If you’re working with a global team or marketing to different countries, subtitle translations are crucial. But professional translations can cost around $300 per hour of video per language — with a two-week turnaround time. VEED offers automated translations with manual reviews. This costs around 1/10th the price and can be completed in minutes.

Get word-perfect accuracy with VEED

VEED offers a hybrid approach to achieving word-perfect results. We use artificial intelligence to do the bulk of the work. It’s fast, cheap, and accurate (up to 98%). But to get the final 2%, VEED offers manual review tools. Users can review the text and easily edit it to get 100% accurate results.

Meet accessibility legislation

It’s increasingly a legal requirement to make digital media accessible to people with hearing impairments. In Canada, for example, public and large organizations are legally required to meet WCAG 2 Level AA standards (which specify the need for closed captions). VEED makes it easy and scalable to add captions to all your videos across all your teams: marketing, training, recruitment, internal communications, support, and more.


Fast and Accurate Auto-Subtitles

VEED features a fast and easy process for you to add subtitles to your videos. It only takes one click for VEED to automatically produce captions for you.

Manual Reviewing Tools

VEED highlights words that may need reviewing. If required, users can edit them as easily as editing an email.

Downloadable SRT Files

VEED provides a full suite of professional video editing tools to help your business create amazing content—whether it’s for internal use or marketing purposes.

How it works

Auto generate subtitles

Let VEED automatically generate subtitles for you. Upload your video or audio. Click the Subtitle button and we’ll generate subtitles for you to review in minutes.

Fast manual reviews

We’ve built the fastest review tools to let you get 100% accuracy. We highlight words where we’re less confident of the transcription. You can adjust these as easily as editing an email.

Animate and style the subtitles

Customize the look of your subtitles by choosing a style, setting your font, and adding animations.


Frequently Asked Questions

Which languages and dialects can VEED translate to?


VEED can translate your subtitles into 100+ languages and dialects. This includes Chinese, Spanish, German, French, Japanese, and more. You can find the full list here.

Why should I add subtitles to my videos?


The majority of viewers watch video on mute when in public spaces or in an office. It doesn’t matter if you have an amazing video. If it doesn’t have subtitles you’ll be losing a large chunk of your audience. In addition, it’s now a legal requirement to add subtitles for accessibility reasons.

Can I use VEED to add subtitles for free?


Yes! Even free users can use VEED’s subtitling tool. However, there are limitations to the maximum length of videos to which you can add subtitles per month. Our premium subscriptions let you add subtitles to longer videos. Learn more about our premium plans on our pricing page.

What’s the difference between SRT and VTT formats in subtitles, and which one should I use?


The format of your subtitles matters because it determines which media players your video will be compatible with. SRT is the most popular subtitle format, supported by almost all media players and online platforms. VTT was explicitly designed for HTML5 pages and is a convenient format for customizing subtitles. However, not all social media platforms support it.

What makes VEED the best tool for subtitles and translations?


Apart from offering high accuracy and faster subtitles and translations, VEED gives you access to a full suite of video editing tools to help you make your videos look professional. Our video editor includes features that you don’t often find in other online alternatives. Enhance the quality of your audio in one click, choose from our collection of stock audio and videos, and more. You can also use our online screen recorder and teleprompter.

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