"Obedience is the highest law and love is the highest command . . ."

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 Terri Parker May 3 at 11:55am

Gloria, I just wanted to give you a brief update and praise report. Thank you for standing with me in the spiritual battle over my brother's body & soul! I did as you said. That very day I called 911 and had him taken to the hospital where he got some much needed medical attention. While he was gone that day I cleaned house! I got out the olive oil and anointed and prayed over everything in his home as well as physical cleaning (laundry, vacuum, etc.). It was a turning point.


I won't get graphic, because I remember you swooning from some photos of Candace's birth :) - however I can tell you that I literally watched his body heal before my eyes, and him go from darkness into the light. His physical body healed that week in a supernatural way - if you didn't see it with your own eyes you wouldn't have believed it. Last week he got the results back from his scan that he is cancer-free. Hallelujah! This is nothing short of a miracle. He had stage 4 cancer, described as "angry and aggressive". None of the doctors gave him much hope. God is not through with him yet.


I just wanted you to share in this victory since you shared in the battle. It is not over, so please remember him in your prayers. Do you still have the prayer wall? I'd like to send a picture. Mother says to say thank you from her as well.


Dear friend,

I realize you are so busy this week, but I know of no one who prays like you and I am in need of your prayers. I am in a war zone. I'm with my brother Bob in Florida. I remembered another battle being fought in my bedroom in Alpharetta. I thought it was a dream, but when I went to do some volunteer work for you the next day you told me that satan had asked for me, but God had fought the battle and I was His. I knew the battle was real then. Last night my brother came to me and told me there was a battle being fought in this house. He kept slipping in and out of reality, seeing people in the house (he even whispered that Charles was here). He is dying of cancer and I'm afraid he isn't saved. Only God knows his heart, so I can't say that with certainty because he professes to be a believer, but we really need your prayers. I am alone with him here, except for the prayers of His saints.

Thank you for your love,



You are not alone and I am honored to be apart of your prayer team for you and your entire family. I believe in the anointing of oil and the prayers to cover the home and all of its contents with the blood of Jesus. God's time and seasons are in His hands and Bob could out live many. I am proud of you for being there and standing strong. You are a well skilled warrior and I am joining you now in prayer and faith for God's highest and best for you. You have all of the necessary tools for the battle at hand. God has greatly equipped you, do not doubt who God is nor what He has done or what He will do for us as we pray..... I love you....

Gloria Gainor


Terri Parker April 9 at 6:38am

Thank you for being here for me. You have such a gift of encouragement and a way to help lighten the burden of all who come in contact with you. God is already moving. I talked to mother last night and she took such comfort in the fact that I had contacted you. This has really been harder on her than anyone, I think.

I love you too.



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